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New MN Delivery Policies

You may open an account with TC Moulding when you are actively engaged in the picture framing or a related business. Qualified framers must :

Have a valid tax i.d. number
Business checking account
Business telephone
Keep regular retail hours
Have a completed and signed account application
Purchase a minimum of $1,200.00 per year
Possession of this catalog does not constitute a right to buy.

Failure to purchase $1,200.00 in a calendar year can result in the forfeiture of the ability to purchase wholesale or could result in Tier II wholesale pricing. Ask your sales representative for details.


Orders may be placed by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time Monday through Friday. Or use our FAX to place orders for next available delivery. Or you now have the ability to request information via e-mail to our general server address.

Telephone 800-735-3025, FAX 800-735-0860
Local 651-636-6367, FAX 651-636-8153

Telephone 800-632-4842, FAX 800-735-0014.
Local 248-588-2333, FAX 248-588-3133

Telephone 800-541-7699, FAX 800-628-3087

Or by e-mail:


After completing your application, if you have elected to open a line of credit please allow one week for your references to clear. If you choose COD status, or wish to order prior to credit approval, we will accept pre-approved checks or you may charge to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. Please note: credit card payments are net terms and do not qualify for cash discounts.


Corner samples are full 6" chevron style and come joined and numbered, with Velcro applied.

Samples from TC Moulding or any competitor may be traded for new TC Moulding samples. Contact the sales representative in your area by calling 1-800-735-3025.


LengthMoulding is sold in full lengths only. Lengths vary from 6' to 14'. Wood and metal may be assorted to qualify for the following volume discounts:
300' to 499': 5%
500' to 999': 10%
1000' to 2499': 20%
2500' or more: 25%

The maximum discount for Designer metal and OEM metal is 10%.

Dear Minnesota TC Moulding Customers,

We will be updating our Delivery Policies effective
March 16th 2015.
Fuel surcharges will no longer be charged.

Metro Area: TC Truck Delivery
• Minimum order for delivery is $75.00
• All deliveries will receive a $5.00 Delivery Charge
• Free Delivery with 5 chops or more remains unchanged

Outside Metro Area: TC Truck Delivery
• Minimum order for delivery is $75.00
• All deliveries will receive a $10.00 Delivery Charge
• Free delivery with 5 chops or more remains unchanged

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best value,
service, and products available.

Thank you for your business!


All returns must be initiated within 15 days. All returns must have the invoice and/or order number on the outside of the package. All sales of closeout merchandise are final. Please notify us immediately of any problem necessitating a return.


All mat board assort for the following quantity discounts:
25-99 sheets: 8%
100-199: 18%
200 or more: 22%


There are no express or implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose in connection with the sale of any merchandise. TC Moulding shall not be liable for any consequential damage.


All equipment is F.O.B. point of manufacture. This catalog does not include freight costs. We will be happy to provide an estimate for shipping equipment or you may select your own carrier and the equipment can be sent freight collect


We will always attempt to contact you regarding backorders. If you wish to have an item remain on backorder there will be shipping charges on those items when released. All backorders will have freight charges upon final shipment!


Items in this price book that are special order are marked with two exclamation points in front of the item description (!!). Special order items also include any non-stocking item whether it is in this catalog or not. Any special order item over $50.00 requires a signed purchase order. If your company does not have a purchase order form, your TC sales representative will provide you with one. All special order items will be charged freight.

Moulding Footage Chart

Moulding Footage Chart


Frame sizes are based on the exact picture size. Standard allowance is 1/8".

When ordering a double-frame, specify size for the inside frame and order the outside "cap to fit".

Metal frame chops do not come with hardware. Please remember to order hardware.

The smallest frame length we can cut is 5".

Chop service is charged a 3 foot minimum.

To determine the cost of your chop or joined frame, follow these steps:
1. Determine the united inches by adding the length and width of frame size.
2. Referring to the footage chart, (on page 5) determine the footage of your frame.
3. Using the chop cost from the price list, multiply cost by footage required.

Thumbnail service is also available:
Single Thumbnail #7028 $2.00/frame.
Double Thumbnail #7029 $3.00/frame.
Wedges are included.

25-49 frames: 10%
50-99: 15%
100-200: 20%**

**Hardware included at NO CHARGE for each 100 metal chops (no partial boxes, reg. Nielsen only). Sorry, no free hardware with OEM metal chops .


5-9 chops: 5% and free shipping of chop portion; 10 or more: 10% and free shipping on chop portion.

Join service available for frames under 60 united inches. A packing charge of $2.50 will be added on UPS or SPEEDEE shipments. No packing charge for 5 or more joins.


When ordering a fillet, please specify whether it is to be cut mat size or sight size. We will cut your exact size with no allowance.


Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current prices.


Should damage occur, all packing materials must be retained. If delivered UPS or SPEEDEE, refuse any package with obvious signs of damage.

Please contact us immediately if you require a replacement. In the case of hidden damage, contact us immediately for replacement.

Save all packing materials.

On motor freight, carefully compare the bill of lading to your actual delivery. All notations of missing or damaged goods must appear on the bill of lading before the driver leaves your place of business.

TC Moulding is not responsible for damage or loss by outside shipping companies.


Please specify shipment method. UPS carries a maximum length of 8'. In Minnesota, SPEEDEE carries a maximum length of 10'. Recent changes require mat board that is shipped UPS to go oversize and will be charged accordingly!


All orders of five or more chops qualify the chop portion of the order to be shipped free.

On the TC Moulding Delivery Truck, five chops or more qualifies the entire order to be delivered free. Other orders will be charged $5.00 on metro deliveries or $10.00 on out-of-town deliveries.

Mat board shipments by UPS and SPEEDEE require 12 sheets per box.

Minimum orders for TC Moulding truck deliveries may be necessary in remote areas. Please discuss delivery requirements with your sales representative. All orders regardless of the delivery area qualify for free freight if the above requirements are met.


When fuel prices rise above the norm, there will be a surcharge on ALL INVOICES for inbound freight costs. TC Moulding also reserves the right to add a fuel charge on all TC Truck deliveries if it is deemed necessary. These charges are not refundable.